It is easy to learn of the past, today it depends, to learn by the future. (Hermann Kahn 1922-1983)

This triumphal march did not stay bounded at the german market and the Jaweed GmbH developes since it’s foundation in 2002 by Abdul-Habib Jaweed to one oft he leading retailers of used commercial vehicles, construction machines, omnibuses as well as rotary drilling and pile-driving systems at international markets.

The rapid growth oft he family company and the dynamic of the established markets,  lead Emal Jaweed, the CEO & Director of Key-Account-Management, to extend the management board in 2005.

Caused by the combination of marketing quality products of leading manufacturer as well as first rate service, the company developes to a regional pioneer and presents itself on a new company area of 3000 square meter at the end of 2005. The new location function as a benefit oriented and extensive representation for standard mashines and special equipment apiece pontential buyers on the spot.

The various product range requires not only a bigger company area but rather additional manpower, too, in order to satisfy the market needs and offer substainable problem solutions. Consequently, Ajmal Jaweed complements the company in 2006 with experience in staffing and manages the  financial part of the entrepreneurship autonomous as the Chief Financial Officer.

2007, Romal Jaweed completes the reliable partner fort he building- and travel industry by focusing the departments purchasing, sales and the logistic management.

Caused by the cumulated experience in terms of brand trading as well as sector knowledge, the customer discovers reliability and a first rate service through the company, which increases to 7000 square meter and trade under the name Jaweed GmbH in 2011.

The core competencies of the succesful company are featured by pace onto the market, liquidity as soon as high rated expert knowledge. This is appreciable by the performance from a single source in terms of purchase, sale, charter, as well as transport and shipping to reduce the complexity oft he daily business. On the basis oft he corporate history, the SME’s profile of supply includes more than 100 vehicles and attractive benefits.